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How to Open a Daycare eBook

“How to Open a Daycare”

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An audio program about the running a childcare business. Have a listen on your PC or Smart Phone.

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Learn step-by-step how to open and run a home childcare business. These are the lessons we learned opening and running a daycare since 1996.

The Latest Podcast Episodes…

#3 How to Get Licensed – Part 1

You may not be required to get licensed and why you should anyway. Being licensed, registered, certified, or whatever your state calls it, can make a big difference in getting new clients and making more revenue. Learn the rules and what you need to do before getting...

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#2: The First Step to Open A Daycare

Before going down this road, understand why. Be sure it aligns with your goals. We all have a reason to start Work from home Make a difference Make more money A dream What is your reason? Not really a wrong answer. It’s important that what you expect fits what you...

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#1 What This Podcast Is About!

What this podcast is all about: A weekly episode. This podcast is for those starting a daycare business and those who want to take their existing daycare to the next level. I share daycare business lessons learned since opening in 1996. Upcoming Topics Deciding if...

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